Inner City Cycles stocks a huge range of tubes in Schrader and Presta styles. Our Thornproof range consists of the most popular Thornproof tubes. If we don't have what you are looking for let us know and we can order it in for you.
What is the difference in tubes you ask?
Schrader or American Valve is the most common type of valve and can be found on car tyres. They are wider then Presta valves.
Presta or French Valve are becoming more common. They are mostly found on road bikes but are becoing more common on mountain bikes. They can hold higher air pressures then the schrader valves and are easier to deflate. Just unscrew the cap and this will allow you to inflate or deflate the tube.
Standard Schrader and Presta Tubes 
$10 each 
or 4 for $32 (Save 20%)
  • 10" Pram
  • 12"
  • 16"
  • 20"
  • 24"
  • 26"
  • 700 all sizes
  • 29er
  • 27.5/650B
  • Wheel Chair tubes available
Thornproof  Tubes 
$15 each 
Great for E-Bikes or off road mountain bikes. They are 3 times thicker then standard tubes.
  • 20x1.75/2.1 Schrader
  • 24x1.75/2.1 Schrader
  • 26x1.95/2.1 Schrader
  • 26x2.125 Presta
  • 26x2.5/2.7 Presta (great for off road mountain bikes)
  • 700x35-45 Schrader
  • 27x1-1/4 Schrader