Inner City Cycles has been servicing and maintaining bikes for over 40 years. We have an experienced mechanic on Monday to Friday to handle all the servicing and repairs and on weekends we can fit accessories and do tube/tyre changes.

Our mechanics have a combined 35 years experience in repairs and maintenance. 

Check out our labour charges below or contact us on 02 9660 6605.
STANDARD SERVICE -- $85 plus parts
- True Wheels
- Adjust Brake Pads
- Lubricate Cables
- Align Derailleur Hanger
- Centre Brake Callipers
- Adjust Cable Tension
- Check Limit Derailleur Screws
- Lubricate Chain
- Check Wear and Condition of Tyres and Inflate Tubes
- Check and Adjust Headset, Stem, and Handlebars
- Check and Adjust Bottom Bracket and Crank Bolts
- Check and Adjust Pedals
- Check and Adjust Saddle and Post
- Wipe Down Frame and Components
- Test Ride 
*Note: Extra Labour Charge for Replacement Parts if Required

TUBE OR TYRE CHANGE -- $15 plus parts
- Remove tyre 
- Check for cause of puncture
- Check rim and rim tape
- Fit new tyre, tube or rim tape
- Inflate to correct pressure

SUPER SERVICE -- $120 plus parts
- Standard service 
- Degrease & Clean
        We use Krush cleaning products to get your bike back to new condition. We use Krush biodegreaser to break down and strip the dirt/grease/gunk/sand off your chain and cassette. We then hit the frame with Krush Bike wash and get it sparkling again by washing away mud, dirt, brake pad residue and coffee stains.
After a rinse we wipe the bike down and complete a service.
*Note: Extra Labour Charge for Replacement Parts if Required