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Bike Vault Combination Lock with ID Kit

Bike Vault Combination Lock with ID Kit

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  • Heavy-duty -1.85 metre long x 15 mm thick self-coiling cable.
  • Compact coil design and fixing bracket for ease of carrying or fixing on the bike.  Fits frames 25.4 mm to 30.8 mm in diameter.
  • Tough vinyl cable cover to protect against scratching the bike.
  • Four-digit combination lock - no key required.

Locks on their own aren't enough to combat profit-driven bike thieves!

The VAULT COMBINATION CABLE LOCK is more than a versatile, compact, easy to carry and use lock, it is a complete bike protection system, which includes:

✔ BIKE ID KIT+ Advanced Anti-Theft Identification System - Valued at $34.95
☑ Includes DataDotDNA Microdot technology, making it near impossible for a thief to de-identify and safely sell your bike.

✔ Lifetime free registration on BikeVAULT*
  Ensuring your bikes identity and your ownership is secure and searchable for life;
✔ Theft recovery support if your bike is stolen*
☑ Expert support to aid in identifying and recovering your bike.
✔ Insurance benefit*
 Insurance Discount may apply.