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Galfer Bike Fixed Wave Centerlock Disc Brake Rotor 180mm

Galfer Bike Fixed Wave Centerlock Disc Brake Rotor 180mm

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The “Disc Wave®” represents the best example of research and development by Galfer. Laser cut, stainless steel and high carbon content. There is a direct application of competitive technology for any user. Direct replacement system that does not require brackets or any extra parts, it bolts just like a stock disc would.

Main features and advantages include:
Powerful, progressive and modular braking.
Noise and vibration-free.
Less weight on the cycle parts.
High temperature resistance (high carbon steel brake track)
Aesthetic and performance improvement thanks to the GALFER “Disc Wave®” design.
Anti-corrosion treatment.
High-efficiency on dry and wet conditions.

Made in Spain.


          Disc Type:

  • Centre-Lock System

    Rotor Width: 

    180mm - 137gr

The Galfer Bike rotors are a great upgrade if you are looking for better performing brakes. We recommend pairing them with a Galfer disc brake pad.