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Guee Attitude Bar Tape

Guee Attitude Bar Tape

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The new eco-friendly Attitude bar tape represents the latest fulfilment in terms of performance and comfortable hand support. We have introduced the Attitude tape with the purpose of conjugating; high-end performance, durability and care for the global environment. As a matter of fact, the production of each Attitude tape follows strict production rules in order to reduce the utilization of chemical solvents and carbon particulates. Attitude is defined by 7 cycling personalities.



  • New eco-friendly PU production process
  • The Attitude PU production stage reduces the utilization of chemical solvents and carbon particulate
  • Leather touch feeling PU
  • Ultimate structure construction with a specific cushioning system
  • Improved damping support for maximum hand comfort
  • Road vibration and shock softener
  • Superior anti-slip during wet and humid conditions
  • Easy cleaning and wrapping operations
  • Available with black end-plug push-type


  • MATERIAL - Polyurethane / EVA
  • SIZE - 2150mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 3mm (T)
  • WEIGHT - 75g/pair (excl. end plug)