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Shimano MT400 B05S Resin Disc Brake Pads

Shimano MT400 B05S Resin Disc Brake Pads

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Whether you’re due for a replacement set of pads or need a spare set, these Shimano B05S Resin Disc Brake Pads will ensure your bike will always be performing at its best. Resin pads make less noise than sintered metal pads and offer better modulation. These have a wide pad shape and come with a spring and 3 types of split pins included.

Shimano B05S Resin pads are the replacement model to the B01S, B03S Resin pads and are compatible with the same disc brake models as the previous versions.

• Genuine Shimano replacement part
• Flexible compound
• Less noise
• Focus on controllable performance
• Designed for dry and wet conditions
• 3 types of split pins included
• Successor model of B03S
• Replacement Shimano resin disc brake pads

Shimano BO5S pads are suitable for the following
• BR-C501
• BR-M575
• BR-M525
• BR-M495
• BR-M486
• BR-M485
• BR-M475
• BR-M465
• BR-M447
• BR-M446
• BR-M445
• BR-M416
• BR-M416A
• BR-M415
• BR-M4050
• BR-M3050
• BR-M395
• BR-M375
• BR-M365
• BR-M355
• BR-M315
• BR-T675
• BR-T615
• BR-TX805
• BR-MT500
• BR-MT400
• BR-MT200
• BR-UR300